What it feels like to open your Heart Chakra

There are many articles on the internet about this topic but i have yet to come across a more detailed description of what it physically feels like when you have your heart chakra opened and how it feels like when the energy passes through that point.

The only way I was able to validate my experiences is though self reflection, meditation and of course ‘Spiritual Discernment’ which is another article that I will go through another day.

Lets Begin,

Think about the last time you got a tingle from a touching scene in a movie, How you feel when a music/poem that you’ve just listened to has touched your heart. It is those moments, and those moments leading up to and exiting that feeling from your central point that is one of the key points to understanding and manipulating your astral heart.

Now using the above, make that a focal point for your next meditation session.

Know that meditation is the ability and mental path to bring a currently non-existent memory/emotion to the present state of being and to have that align with your Third-eye or focal chakra point. That is to bring a feeling from the past and/or future or to even create a feeling that you’ve never had based on a conscious scenario that your subconscious has generated for you to experience.

by doing this, you are voluntarily controlling your astral heart. This is the first step that will open your Heart Chakra.

Now with your heart chakra opened;
For some, a natural reaction to this is the immediate flow of energy (within around 30-90 seconds) that familiar tingling sensation originating from the Heart chakra.
For others, it may take a little longer sometimes even more than 5 mins of meditation.

Once you are practiced in this art, you would be able to immediately open your heart chakra when desired. I usually find this particularly helpful at times of stress, anxiety and especially moments after you’ve detected that feeling of anger/hate arising from a situation or person. (the hard part is remembering that you have this control over your heart chakra)

As with any muscle, practice makes perfect. In this case, the more you practice the above, the more familiar your physical body becomes of the reactions in the astral plane.


Silvenity: swaying ever so gently within the ocean of life. Where am i going?

Step after step, swaying ever so gently; through my eyes I see the world as it passes me by, but does the world see me? -Would they see the world as I do?


This is the sound of my heart; the sound of serenity when my mind, my body and my spirit all rest together.

There never used to be silence… it began as a chaotic swagger; my life washing and beating against the shores of my heart, causing irregular beats and ripple effects that were noticed long after the catalyst. My birth…

The major catalyst was to come, an event that would change my life; and leave to me a gift, a gift that will enable me to sense the nature of a soul and its desires.